NLG is here to be your Language Solutions Partner, every step of the way.

Next Level Globalization

Our passion is outstanding service. With our internal team set-up, workflows, technology development, and Localization partner and tool selection processes, NLG offers a unique and high-quality client service that addresses your needs for multilingual content delivery.

In a world experiencing constant change driven by technological advancements, globalization effects, and information overload, NLG stays ahead of the curve by consistently creating innovative solutions.

We don’t respond to trends, we lead them. Combining data, process, workflow, information, and trend analysis, NLG’s proactive approach will shape your business’s unique requirements with the best-in-class solutions.

By fostering and achieving sustainable innovation, NLG is a pioneer in creating value in an ever more challenging and dynamic work environment.

At NLG, we handpick our teams from a pool of highly qualified and experienced talent, and develop custom technologies to fit each client and project. Collaboration is our greatest strength internally, and our biggest value externally. We regularly work across client departments, acting as your one-stop hub and ensuring a global reach of your messaging and your brand.

Dedicated Team

As an NLG client, you will be assigned your own dedicated team. This team will know all about your projects, systems, critical timelines, and global product launches. From quick response times to consistent, personalized service, they will be with you every step of the way.

We ensure the continuous education of your team members on topics that are vital to the successful management of your project, and fresh solutions that will take your localization process to the next level.

Each client team is supported by other functions within NLG. Strategic Solutions and Services, Custom Technologies, and Quality Assurance teams are called upon to contribute knowledge and provide solutions tailored to your specific needs.


Whether you need a new supplier, or simply have a new product to launch, NLG ensures an efficient project kickoff. We are fully engaged in on-site meetings to consult and document processes and requirements. Our teams will analyze and validate your existing content assets and train your personnel on any new tools and workflows—all at your convenience.

NLG will be with you every step of the way during the onboarding phase. By combining customized local needs with a global client and centralized setup, we assess any potential challenges within your localization routine, and design the right solutions for you. NLG encourages on-site meetings to discuss the existing workflow, and map out the desired future state.

Once we’ve mapped the current state, we’ll apply our knowledge of localization best practices to help you design strategies that are effective today, and scalable tomorrow.

Project Communication

At NLG, you will have the freedom to choose how to initiate and manage your localization activity. We’ll establish communication channels personalized to your working style—whether it’s receiving updates via phone, email, or 24/7 on our Next Level Client Portal.

Voice of the Client

NLG counts on your input to drive improvement. We measure the results of each client project we perform. This includes business data, as well as your ideas, compliments, and concerns. We use all of this for a 360° analysis to monitor performance levels and ensure we are consistently exceeding expectations.