We collaborate with professionals who take their work as seriously as you do.

Our Partners

Our partnerships are vital to your success. The Localization Partner Services group at NLG coordinates the identification, recruitment, and hiring of high caliber localization partners to meet and exceed your expectations. We create positive working relationships with these partners to lay the foundation for productive, long-term, and mutually beneficial partnerships. Helping you Tell the World is our promise, so we only collaborate with professionals who take their work as seriously as you do.

Our localization partners are all native speakers and local to the markets we serve, allowing them to provide the highest level of competence to our clients, both linguistically and culturally. We work side by side with them to provide training and support in all areas—from client brand awareness, to troubleshooting technical issues, to sharing best practices. Because of this collaboration process, many of our localization partner relationships have lasted over 10 years!

Partnership Components

Resource Selection

NLG has a rigorous, documented, and certified (ISO 17100) process for resource selection:

  1. Identify potential candidates from defined sources
  2. Screen applications based on NLG’s defined selection criteria and quality objectives
  3. Administer industry-specific translation tests
  4. Evaluate test results using established, independent linguistic assessors
  5. Collaborate with the client to match and assign the right linguists based on specific criteria
  6. ISO certified operations implement system-supported traceability, providing an audit trail for all translation activity, so you always know who is working on your content

Dedicated Teams

We foster long-term relationships with our localization partners, as they are a fundamental piece of the customized boutique service we provide you. We can ensure:

  • Access to expertise – You’ll have resources with the appropriate industry knowledge and background.
  • Scalability – We have abundant resources teamed up to address the changing needs of your business, whether launching new products or expanding into new markets.
  • Stability – You can count on working with the same high-quality resources project after project, so knowledge of your content, processes, and preferences is leveraged and built upon.