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TM Management

Corporate Translation Memories (TMs) tend to grow over time with continuous localization activity, while corporate terminology is often created and managed in a parallel process (not in sync with the TM development). Oftentimes as a result, a company’s content assets become inconsistent, jeopardizing quality while increasing cost and process time.

TM Management Components

TM Cleanup

At NLG, we have the ability to automatically clean up and harmonize inconsistent TMs through customized script development. We can also synchronize and correct the terminology used in the TM with the most updated corporate terminology.

NLG will help you implement a Standard Operating Procedure for managing your TMs and dealing with approved terminology. This procedure will include standard QA to ensure the TM stays clean. Read more about the TM Cleanup Process in our free white paper.

TM Structure

NLG will analyze your current TM setup, product lines, product types, translation approval process, language needs, etc. We will propose the best model to efficiently store all your content in TMs for further reuse while capturing important metadata for proper project identification. The end goal is consistent information throughout your material, along with target and effective reuse content. NLG’s modular TMS can be used to support you with your TM creation and management needs.

TM Strategy

A solid strategy of Translation Memory (TM) management will save both time and money during translation and review of your content. This becomes especially important when working with multiple vendors. NLG provides complete solutions for TM maintenance, sharing, and overall management.

We will always offer consultation on best practices while working within your existing or planned localization structure, rather than trying to force adherence to an NLG model. Our diverse experience working in multiple models allows this level of flexibility and comfort. We have a sophisticated methodology for building and maintaining TMs that ensures maximum reuse of TM content resulting in enhanced consistency, cost saving, and time efficiency.

TMs are updated per project and language. Appropriate consistency and maintenance projects can be scheduled to ensure that your localized content is consistent and the information is updated, following your approved terminology. All TM content is stored within our Project Management system and can be accessible by translators and client contacts 24/7.

TM Maintenance

The key for a successful centralized translation memory is a structured and well-defined process. This includes the application of metadata, a clear process for TM update after client review (including a strict QA process), followed by all suppliers avoiding inconsistencies in translation and terminology. Once this is in place, management is easy and supported by the system through predefined allocation of projects, ensuring that the most updated TM and terminology assets are included in the translation packages.