Amplify in-market capacity and expertise.

In-Country Review

The review of translations by native speaking client-designated subject matter experts (in-country review, or ICR) can be a challenging process. With an existing workload, the ICR is often not the top priority for the client’s product managers, application specialists, sales people, and anyone else involved in reviewing materials. When you work with NLG, you can count on us to make the In-Country Review process as easy as possible.

In-Country Review Components

Technology Solutions

NLG has developed a web-based review system to help clients reduce in-country review cycle times by as much as 75 percent! The system streamlines review management, tracks suggested changes, and ensures incorporation of changes in all translation assets in an automated and efficient way.

Outsourced ICR

Outsourced in-country review brings the specialized knowledge of subject matter experts (SME) to the review process and helps ensure quality. However, it can be difficult and expensive to find specialized resources.

NLG can help you address these challenges by providing you access to our network of SMEs in academia, laboratories, clinics, and various other industry sectors. We also recruit, test, and qualify SMEs based on your specific qualification requirements in order to ensure that the quality output of the ICR meets your expectations.

ICR Management

NLG will help you manage existing or recruited reviewers by monitoring progress, quality of suggested changes, adherence to approved terminology, and other parameters. We can fully manage your ICR step by integrating your reviewers into our workflow. When applicable, we use our web-based review system in order to better control the review process.