Manage unique terminology across multiple languages.

Terminology Management

Corporate terminology is an important pillar of language and identity. All of your company’s product names, features, titles, organizational units, and internal abbreviations can be preserved through the creation and use of corporate terminology.

Terminology Management Components


At NLG, we help you plan and implement a terminology policy, select the appropriate terminology tools, and create terminology for use across your organization. Identity is maintained through the creation and use of corporate style guides. NLG helps create your specific style guides by identifying your preferences, defining rules, committing to one style, and documenting everything for use by all.

Corporate terminology strategy and style guides promote brand and corporate identity, as well as effective knowledge transfer and innovation. They lead both the translator and your reviewers toward a unified style across all localized material.

Creation & Cleanup

NLG helps your company create a corporate terminology database by assisting in the evaluation of resources. We also perform term extracting and selection using automated and semi-automated methods and scripts.

NLG’s ECQA certified terminologists provide consulting on the selection of appropriate terminology tools, as well as on the setup of your terminology databases based on ISO standards.

Furthermore, NLG can help you evaluate your existing terminology databases using quality assurance methods. This will result in standardized and harmonized terminology that can be used across your organization and documentation. Translators and reviewers will then increase efficiency by spending less time searching for appropriate terms, definitions, and equivalents.

Standardization & Maintenance

Properly managed corporate terminology improves the quality of products and documentation. This is the key to increasing the usability of products and customer satisfaction.

With certified terminology managers on staff, NLG helps you with the management and maintenance of your corporation’s terminology. Well-maintained terminology is important for consistent use throughout a document’s life cycle. This way, the risk of errors and their propagation in translated versions is reduced.