Technology that drives efficiency.

Custom Technology

Whether it’s a complete Global Translation Platform, or a standalone tool implemented with your existing infrastructure, you can count on NLG for fully customizable and integrative technology solutions that drive efficiency.

Global Translation Platform

NLG’s Global Translation Platform (GTP) gives you the power to administer and manage your entire translation environment. You have the ability to completely customize the platform based on the modules and functions you need. Unlimited use of GTP is free of charge!

Client Portal: This web-based tool will be the hub for all your localization projects.

  • Define specifications and submit project requests quickly and easily using customized and predefined templates
  • Upload project files, translation memories, instructions, fonts, notes, and any other information you may need
  • Download NLG quotes and approve them online
  • Monitor your project’s status in real time
  • Download final project files, TMs, and other translation assets
  • Approve invoices

Review System: Schedule, manage, review, and exchange projects. We help clients reduce in-country review cycle times by as much as 75 percent!

  • View validated terminology while reviewing
  • Incorporate review changes directly into final files with documented audit trail
  • Rely on automatically updated TMs
  • Work on content simultaneously with other reviewers
  • Review a variety of structured and unstructured file formats
  • Schedule projects and reviewer assignments in advance
  • Monitor review progress in real time through our Client Portal

TM Management: This database-driven solution provides you with a central management tool for your TMs and metadata information. You can use this system to check out and edit TMs, and then commit back the updated ones.

  • Analyze multiple languages at once without having to open each TM separately
  • Accept/reject changes using an intuitive editing interface, in both source and target segments
  • Automatically lock checked-out TMs to avoid parallel editing
  • Restrict editing based on access rights
  • Keep track with a reliable built-in audit trail

Terminology Management: NLG provides 24/7 access to the creation, approval, management, and use of your specified terminology in every language. Our online system is compliant with ISO 12616, and is based on the TBX exchange standard.

  • Centralized repository for terminology – accessible to validators, project managers, and translators
  • User-assigned rights – control who can enter, edit, approve, and delete terminology
  • Export tool – download terminology lists anytime in TBX/Excel format for offline work

Query Management: NLG’s query platform allows you to quickly communicate feedback to all localization process participants.

  • Provide information and store it for future use
  • Address multiple translation queries at one time
  • Easily organize content within a hierarchical structure
  • Quickly locate information using our query feature

Reporting System: Dynamic reporting system for clients to pull and export reports on any data stored in NLG’s business management tool. The look and feel of these reports are fully customizable in order to cater to client expectations.

  • Financial data
  • Reports on projects, project status, project milestones, etc.
  • Reports on jobs, process steps, and single tasks
  • Overview based on dates, languages, content type, requestor and product lines, etc.

Quality Management: Quality management is paramount. NLG’s QA tool is highly customizable- it can work as a standalone application, or be integrated with TMs, TM Management, Terminology Management, and Review systems.

  • Compare terminology against a provided term-base
  • Tag-related checks, including missing tags, incorrectly ordered tags, different tag types or names, invalid XML structure, etc.
  • Consistency checks, including source and target, 100% matches modified, non-100% matches not modified, etc.
  • Content checks, including omissions, forbidden characters, capitalization, numbers, etc.
  • Content structure checks, including symbols, quotation marks, spaces, etc.
  • Custom QA checks for error patterns based on regular expressions

Production Automation Tools

NLG takes customized technology to the next level in order to improve your workflow, help all parties involved operate more efficiently, and therefore, reduce costs. Custom solutions created by our in-house development team include:

  • File parsers & converters
  • System integrations
  • XML validators
  • QA tools
  • Workflow automation
  • Authoring enhancements
  • Terminology extractions
  • Language processing automation
  • And more…

MT Deployment

NLG is active in the research, design, and implementation of Machine Translation (MT) systems. We have developed an ROI model to help you decide when and how MT deployment helps you. We provide turnkey technological support in training and implementing MT engines into your workflow.

Hybrid MT: Since 2014, NLG has been designing and implementing in-house hybrid machine translation systems, which synergize the benefits of both statistical machine translation and rule-based machine translation.

Our ensemble architecture integrates the latest state-of-the-art technologies (Moses, KenLM, MGIZA++) and linguistic engineering techniques in conjunction with high quality, client-specific, bilingual corpora and term bases to generate the highest quality output.

Neural MT: Following the development in MT technology, NLG has invested time and resources into Neural MT in order to bring MT to the next level. This has opened doors for such deployments, and has brought increased value to both our Industrial Manufacturing and Life Sciences industries.

Neural MT is based on the model of neural networks in the human brain. Much like how the brain deciphers language, a Neural MT system resolves the ambiguities by taking context into consideration.

While existing approaches translate subcomponents of a sentence separately, Neural MT begins translating a sentence as soon as it reaches the last word. This technique allows the Neural MT to evaluate the entire meaning of a sentence before beginning translation.

System Integration

From content creation to localization to final publishing, a streamlined and intelligently automated workflow is the key to success. NLG will support you in executing a smooth and streamlined workflow that not only works for your business, but saves you time and money as well.

At NLG, we understand your need for automation and integration. Whether it’s a DMS, a regular or web-CMS, an LMS, or an SAP system, we provide you with the best solution incorporating process automation, custom technology development, or system integration through API and web services.

We can integrate with your existing systems with various approaches:

  • Web services (RESTful, SOAP) direct integration
  • Watch folders
  • 3rd party connectors (such as Clay Tablet)
  • COTI (levels 1, 2, 3) if provided by the CMS provider
  • Custom development based on COM objects and other Windows interfaces or libraries