Leverage the experience of localization experts.


If you’re struggling with a specific localization challenge, NLG can help. Collaborate with our localization and technology specialists to create customizable solutions for your unique situation. We analyze your current processes to identify gaps and propose potential process optimization.

Localization Strategy

At NLG, we apply our knowledge of localization to help you design strategies that are effective today and scalable tomorrow. We help our clients remove language barriers, thus enabling them to enter new markets. We optimize their localization processes to shorten time to market, and maximize their ROI.

Entering a new market brings inherit challenges. Ask yourself: Do I have specialized resources to localize my content? How do I assess the quality of translated content? How do I establish appropriate terminology? NLG will help you answer these questions and more.

Based on your existing infrastructure, global content, and information delivery needs, NLG will help you improve existing processes or build new systems from the ground up.

We ensure that the most appropriate technology and tools are used in combination with optimized workflows. We look at all aspects of your multilingual content production and delivery methods in order to help you implement and manage the most appropriate solution for your organization. Our consulting services expand from content optimization strategies, to localization, and finally, to publishing.

Content Strategy

Content is one of your company’s most important assets. NLG will partner with you to establish the most efficient and effective workflow for delivering your multilingual content on time and on budget. We optimize your investment in content development and multilingual content delivery by identifying critical content delivery channels, maximizing reuse, overcoming bottlenecks, and establishing and maintaining meaningful quality criteria.

NLG will help you do the following:

  • Select the right system to cater to your multilingual content needs
  • Enterprise CMS content migration—we’ll help you create a migration plan, identify potential gaps in the process, and make recommendations on language configurations

Life Sciences Regulatory

NLG has been a partner to many clients in the Life Sciences industry. Our clients’ diversified product portfolio and reach to global markets exposes them to the full spectrum of regulatory requirements. NLG will help you align your localization strategy with these complex regulatory requirements, and mitigate non-compliance risks.

Our Regulatory Affairs experts in the medical device and pharma fields offer consulting for your localization strategy, so that all content is compliant with international and local regulatory requirements. Through collaboration with our partners around the world, we continually stay up-to-date on the latest regulatory developments.

Risk Management

NLG’s disciplined utilization of ISO certified processes, tools, and resources mitigates your risk throughout the content lifecycle—ensuring consistent, stable, and high-quality localization and service delivery. From working with leading companies throughout the Life Sciences industry, we have developed a robust knowledge base of best practices to inform and employ for our clients. Our ISO certification provides quality system parity and satisfies requirements for controlling your supplier database.

NLG will work with you to identify and mitigate risks within your localization process in the following areas:

  • Resource Qualification
  • Scheduling and Timing
  • Tools and Technologies (File Formats)
  • Confidentiality