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Life Sciences Localization Services

NLG has been a committed partner in the Life Science sector since 2000. Currently, this industry represents over 90% of our daily business. Over the past two decades, NLG has gained the expertise, resources, and dedicated team required to realize your globalization goals.

Global companies representing the full range of medical devices, diagnostics, biotechnology, and pharmaceuticals rely on NLG for next level localization initiatives. Our custom, specialized solutions, exceptional localization services, and insightful knowledge of the demanding Life Sciences industry help our clients tell the world. Learn more at nlglifesciences.com!

Quality Assurance & Risk Management

NLG is uniquely positioned to meet the needs of our Life Science clients as we are certified to the quality standards of both the language industry (ISO 17100) and medical device manufacturing industry (ISO 13485). In addition, we are certified according to the most stringent data security methods (ISO 27001). NLG’s approach to terminology management is ISO 12515 compliant, and we also adhere to: ASTM F2575, ISO 639-1:2002, and all other localization industry standards governing content asset formats (TMX, TBX, XLIFF). We take our disciplined adherence and commitment to these standards seriously because we understand our clients’ quality and regulatory environments. Our disciple can be seen through the exceptional service we deliver daily, the longevity of our client collaborations, and the multiple, successful audits of our operations.

Expert Resources

NLG employs industry-certified linguists and subject-matter experts (SMEs) to provide an unrivaled level of accuracy in all that we do. Whether it’s introducing hands-on expertise into the translation process, or sourcing clinical or laboratory experts for content review, our collaborative relationships and specialized approach allow us to truly understand the complexities of our clients’ business. We work hand-in-hand with our clients to create linguist profiles to identify the most appropriate skills, experience, and academic background for each unique application.

Experienced Team

NLG’s Account & Project Managers proudly bring years of experience in working with a wide range of medical clients and content. Our team members stay current on the latest industry developments, both in localization and our client domains by participating in industry conferences and eLearning opportunities. Your NLG client team can proactively offer advice and guidance on language and market preferences, content strategy, localization best practices, and regulatory requirements. Our teams drive continuous improvement efforts for our clients by conducting post-mortem project reviews of work and data flow, resources, tools, and stakeholder feedback.

Customized Services

Whether it’s technical documentation, labeling & packaging, medical research, regulatory documents, or corporate communication, you can count on NLG for all your Life Sciences localization needs. In addition to providing high quality medical translations, we also offer a full suite of tailored services including:

Post-Translation ReviewNLG supports the post-translation review process with custom tools and outsourced subject matter expert resources. We provide access our network of SMEs in academia, laboratories, clinics, and many other industry sectors. NLG can help manage your existing or recruited reviews.

Regulatory ConsultingThrough collaboration with our partners around the world, NLG continually stays up-to-date on the latest regulatory developments affecting local markets. Your NLG Account Manager will help you identify areas that require your attention, and will involve NLG regulatory experts as needed.

Risk ManagementNLG’s commitment to standardized quality and disciplined use of ISO certified processes, tools, and resources mitigates your risk through the content lifecycle. We also share knowledge gained of best practices from across the various Life Science disciplines.

Software LocalizationAt NLG, we employ the latest industry tools and methods to efficiently handle your most challenging software projects—from product UIs and diagnostic tools, to websites and more. As medical device classification of software becomes more prevalent, it is more important than ever to have an experienced, trusted partner like NLG to ensure success.

Content StrategyFrom source content to multilingual delivery, NLG partners with clients to establish the most efficient and effective workflows and processes. We optimize your investment in content by identifying critical channels, maximizing reuse, overcoming bottlenecks, and establishing and maintaining meaningful quality criteria.

Comprehensive Technology

NLG has a web-based, modular suite of tools for Life Sciences that can provide a complete, stand-alone localization solution or complement existing infrastructure. All NLG technology solutions are compliant with recognized industry exchange standards, meaning any previous investments made in systems, tools, and/or terminology development will be fully leveraged. Our technology is accessible to our clients 24/7, free of charge. Read more about our Custom Technology Solutions.

IVD Specialization

At NLG we take pride in having established a reputation not only for offering our IVD clients the highest service quality, but also for investing a great deal of effort and resources in developing unique and innovative QA solutions and supporting IVD companies worldwide with customized processes tailored to workflow optimization and regulatory compliance.

This is why some of the biggest IVD companies in the world rely on NLG for novel localization solutions, making NLG the world’s top LSP for the in-vitro diagnostics market.