Experience commitment to quality in every facet of this industry.

Industrial Manufacturing

NLG has been focused on serving clients in the Industrial Manufacturing industry for over 15 years, and thus has acquired the expertise, team, and resources necessary to realize your globalization goals. Whether involving automotive and transportation, industrial automation, agricultural machinery, or any other heavy equipment, our long history supporting clients in these fields has allowed NLG to develop a deep knowledge base of best practices and a large network of specialized translation resources that our clients require.

Over the years, NLG has delivered innovative solutions for recurring client challenges:

  • Large volumes of highly technical content
  • Critical and short delivery turnaround times
  • Many unique language combinations
  • Automated workflow integrations with multiple client-side systems (authoring and CMS)

Quality Management

NLG is uniquely positioned to meet the needs of our Industrial Manufacturing clients as we are certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 for delivery of services in the language industry. In addition, we are certified according to the most stringent data security requirements of ISO 27001. NLG’s approach to terminology management is ISO 12616 compliant, and we also adhere to: ASTM F2575, ISO 639-1:2002, and all other localization industry standards governing content asset formats (TMX, TBX, XLIFF). We take our disciplined adherence and commitment to these standards seriously because we understand our clients’ quality and compliance environments. Our discipline can be seen through the exceptional service we deliver daily and the longevity of our client collaborations.

Experienced Team

NLG’s Account & Project Managers proudly bring years of experience in working with a wide range of client content, systems, and formats. Our team members stay current on the latest industry developments, both in localization and our client domains by participating in industry conferences and eLearning opportunities. Your NLG client team can proactively offer advice and guidance on language and market preferences, content strategy, and localization best practices. Our teams drive continuous improvement efforts for our clients by conducting post-mortem project reviews of work and data flow, resources, tools, and stakeholder feedback.

Content Types

NLG is experienced with all your content types including:

  • Technical Documentation
  • CAD drawings and schematics
  • Product and User Training
  • Multimedia and e-Learning
  • Product Specifications
  • Marketing and Sales Literature
  • Websites
  • Distributor and Vendor Information
  • Software Applications
  • Tenders and Legal Documentation
  • Compliance and Regulations
  • Health and Safety

Specialized Services

Specialized services for Industrial Manufacturing include:

  • Translation Memory Management & Maintenance — Optimal reuse of legacy translations for consistently high-quality and maximum time and cost savings
  • Terminology Creation & Management
  • Independent Linguistic Quality Assessment (SAE J2450, DQF) — Customize your quality plan with analysis by language and error types for evaluation of current and legacy translations
  • Machine Translation Deployment — Hybrid and Neural MT solutions for maximum throughput at defined quality levels
  • Structured content execution and publishing — Solutions for round trip processing XML, SGML from CMS extraction through final publication
  • CAD drawing localization automations — Efficiently localize hundreds of CAD files, leveraging XML for text conversion

Comprehensive Technology

NLG has a web-based, modular suite of tools for Industrial Manufacturing that can provide a complete, stand-alone localization solution or complement existing infrastructure. All NLG technology solutions are compliant with recognized industry exchange standards, meaning any previous investments made in systems, tools, and/or terminology development will be fully leveraged. Our technology is accessible to our clients 24/7, free of charge. Read more about our Custom Technology Solutions.