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Quality Management

From years of providing high-quality translation and localization services, NLG has earned its reputation as a trusted partner in implementing and managing independent quality programs for its clients in all industries. We offer comprehensive services to measure outputs, report findings, and improve your linguistic content—so that you can Tell the World.

Quality Management Components

Outsourced QA Assessment

NLG is a leader in the application and deployment of linguistic quality assessment, helping clients reduce variability in their translated content and make data-based decisions. Since 2004, NLG has been actively involved in assessing translation quality based on the SAE J2450 quality metric. This has allowed us to regularly report results to clients, provide analysis of the common or special causes identified, as well as explore opportunities for improvement.

Using refined quality metrics like the SAE J2450, NLG provides targeted feedback on specific, error categories using statistical sampling methods. We report to our clients the level of quality in both their legacy-translated content and on what is produced before it hits the market. More importantly, we work with our clients to create customized action plans that address specific error types or languages of concern.

NLG is among the forerunners in implementing the new Dynamic Quality Framework (DQF), a next generation quality metric. We are actively involved in supplier and client committees, establishing this as a standard practice, both for the Manufacturing industry and for Life Sciences. NLG is on the program committee for the DQF Life Sciences Workshop.

We offer our clients seamless workflows using our online Review System and customized reporting functionality. Data is made available for export in different formats, including .xls to facilitate offline review and analysis.

Evaluation of Localization Assets

Content assets (including Translation Memories, Term Lists, Glossaries, and Language Style Guides) are the most valuable components to efficient, high-quality localization outputs. Proper set up, use, and maintenance of these assets maximizes the value achieved in time, cost, and quality.

NLG provides clients expertise in analyzing and evaluating their current environment to:

  • Create strategies for building and maintaining localization assets
    Based on your content type, localization strategy, volume of multilingual content, and current technology environment, requirements can vary as to how assets are built, frequency of maintenance, how consistency can be ensured, etc. You can rely on NLG experts to guide you every step of the way.
  • Establish consistency of content between linguistic assets (TMs, Glossaries, Style Guides)
    If you follow a multi-vendor strategy, have multiple localization products running in parallel, or have various stakeholders responsible for maintaining your localization assets, it’s common for variance, or even contradictions, in content to occur over time. NLG has automated processes allowing effective assessment of consistency among your assets, providing information about frequency of use of segments, terms, etc. This enables us to propose next steps and processes in homogenizing your assets.
  • Create metadata within assets, building the appropriate contextual structure for optimal use
    Incomplete information about the origin of approved content often prohibits effective use of localization assets—for example, the context in which a term can be found with a specific meaning. NLG can help with your multilingual content tagging and metadata structure.