NLG is an ISO Certified Quality Management System.


NLG implements a documented quality system that is certified compliant to the following standards:






TÜV Austria Hellas






TÜV Austria

NLG’s approach to terminology management is also ISO 12616 compliant and we additionally adhere to ASTM F2575, ISO 639-1:2002, and all localization industry standards including TMX, TBX, XLIFF, and the SAE J2450 translation quality metric.

The requirements of these standards shape NLG’s approach to quality in delivering services that consistently meet applicable client, industry, legislative, and regulatory specifications. This ensures we are in alignment and have quality system parity with our clients. NLG has also successfully passed multiple onsite quality audits by major corporate healthcare clients.

Quality Components

Our Process

Building quality into our processes, measuring the output to ensure stable, predictable performance, and continually improving over time are the cornerstones of our quality management system in which:

  • Processes are standardized and documented
  • Quality metrics are defined for each process
  • Data is collected to show process performance, including quality of our output
  • New theories are tested to improve processes
  • Data is collected to track the effect of changes
  • If the new theories are effective, standard processes are revised

Risk Management

Being an ISO certified language service provider requires that NLG demonstrate its ability to assess and mitigate inherent risks in delivering localization services. We categorize significant risks to service delivery and implement actions to mitigate these risks in the different areas of our business.

Resource Risks

1. Internal team members – Onboarding and ongoing training on tools, process, and client specifications
2. Outsourced resources – Use of translator profiles for proper identification, performance monitoring, and continuous feedback loops
3. Assigned translator teams – Consistent use of the same dedicated resources across projects for the client

Process Risk

1. Workflow – Project management system with hardwired workflow steps built into job chains
2. Quality and Accuracy – Multiple QA rounds during different phases of service realization

Continuous Improvement

We understand that each and every assignment is filled with opportunities to embrace a culture of continuous improvement. We are constantly striving to better ourselves, streamline our workflows, gain flexibility, and reduce the waste of time, cost, and rework. NLG measures the results of each client project by tracking:

  • Quality of deliverables
  • Service quality
  • Communication
  • Responsiveness
  • Value for money
  • Client satisfaction and more

Internal nonconformities or client complaints trigger our Root Cause Investigation (RCI) / CAPA process to identify the source of any problems, and implement revisions and corrective actions in collaboration with our clients.