We develop content to be published on any platform.

Content Development

The volume of information our clients need to deliver is increasing. Being able to provide important content to audiences through new media and more effective formats makes a huge difference.

More and more, our clients are choosing to deliver training and corporate information through electronic familiarization courses, animations, videos, e-guides, etc.

Our partners, teams of content specialists, and multimedia experts will help you develop and publish material on web channels, make it suitable for mobile devices, create media reach presentations, and more.

NLG also partners with experts to offer services for development of migration of content in a variety of .xml editors and architectures. NLG collaborates with clients to help them successfully migrate from non-structured to structured content formats, or publish their information in new formats. We have accomplished this through a broad services portfolio, from authoring and developing style guides for DITA content, to recommending character configurations for our clients’ target languages, and more.