The world’s top LSP for the in-vitro diagnostics market

September 10, 2020  |  NLG News

The world’s top LSP for the in-vitro diagnostics market

As a global contract partner for 6 of the biggest 10 in-vitro diagnostics companies in the world, NLG has earned its place as the top LSP for this highly regulated and challenging industry.

Over the past 4 years, we take pride in having established a reputation not only for offering our IVD clients the highest service quality, but also for investing a great deal of effort and resources in developing unique and innovative solutions that leverage the distinctive capabilities of human talent and intelligent technology to address translation risks specific to IVD content.

Bringing on insightful scientists and subject matter experts in the translation processes has early on become a standard for NLG, which is now perfectly paired up with the NLG Hazard QA solution. As part of the NLG Intelligent QA suite, the NLG Hazard QA solution is designed to collaborate with human talent in the early detection of critical errors in the translation. Such errors can result from the wrong usage of specific hazard term pairs, and cannot be detected by QA tools currently available on the market.

Drawing on years of specialized experience in working together with IVD companies, NLG takes the next step in integrating in-house developed technology into fully customized processes and automations, which are tailored to workflow optimization and regulatory compliance.

In keeping with the IVD industry priorities nowadays, we have engaged a dedicated regulatory professional to help our clients navigate the localization-specific challenges presented by changing industry regulations, such as the new IVD Regulation (IVDR) in Europe.

At NLG we are dedicated to the language needs of the in-vitro diagnostics market and thus remain dedicated to the language of health.