NLG earns certification for latest version of Across Language Server

September 29, 2015  |  Industry News

(Hallbergmoos, Germany) – NLG is pleased to announce that it has earned the certification for the latest version of the Across Language Server.

Earlier this year, 3 employees from NLG successfully completed the specific, necessary training to obtain the certification for the latest version of the Across Language Server (version 6). The certification is made up of 2 parts:  the ‘standard’ certification and specialized training. The certification covers the following topics within the system:

  1. project management
  2. terminology
  3. translation
  4. system administration

Says Michael Oettli, company founder and Managing Director at NLG:

“As a Language Service Provider committed to being flexible in addressing the needs of our clients, we want to be as tool agnostic as possible, especially when it comes to translation memory and translation management systems. We therefore place great importance in offering our clients the best possible support around the Across Language Server whenever this is employed by the client. Our strong relationship with Across will also be represented at this year’s Localization World in Silicon Valley in October 2015 where we will share an exhibition booth with Across, as well as deliver a joint presentation with the title Two Worlds Meet: Business Intelligence in Translation Management.”

The new certification is valid for versions 6, 6.1. and 6.3. In addition, NLG is also one of a select number of Language Service Providers currently undergoing beta testing for version 6.3. of the Across Language Server in cooperation with several client-side buyers.

Our clients can be assured that with NLG they have a partner who is continuously up-to-date on the newest processes in the industry, and also an expert in the use of their specific Across Language Server.


About NLG

NLG is a respected full-service provider of translation & localization services supporting well-known companies in the following areas: life sciences, automotive, engineering and power generation. Its clients benefit from 15 years of experience with translation & localization, workflow management, process design and development of applications.


About Across

Across Systems GmbH is the manufacturer of the Across Language Server, a market-leading software platform for all corporate language resources and translation processes. Located in the Karlsruhe technology belt, the company headquarters in Karlsbad manages the activities of Across around the globe. For more information, visit: