NLG Named Top 100 Global Language Service Provider

September 21, 2015  |  Industry News

(Hallbergmoos, Germany) – NLG is happy to announce that for the 4th consecutive year it has been named to the list of the TOP 100 Language Service Providers (global) by market research firm Common Sense Advisory.

In its 11th annual global industry research report, “The Language Services Market: 2015”, Common Sense Advisory details the findings of its comprehensive study. Included in the report are the largest language providers globally, as well as by region.

“Language service providers in most regions of the world reported steady growth during calendar year 2014, with LSPs in Northern Europe and Asia showing the greatest uptick in their share of the global market percentages.” says Don DePalma, Common Sense Advisory’s founder and Chief Strategy Officer.

As part of the study, the firm surveyed providers from every continent to collect actual reported revenue for 2013, 2014, and expected revenue for 2015 .

NLG has been participating in this survey since 2012 by sharing its annual revenue with Common Sense Advisory and has been steadily climbing the list of TOP 100 Language Service Providers. CSA Research found that the demand for language services and supporting technologies continues and is growing at an annual rate of 6.46% in 2015, in comparison to last year’s rate of 6.23% and 5.13% in 2013. Based on these numbers, NLG has been growing above the average market growth over several years now.

Says Michael Oettli, Managing Director of NLG: “We are very pleased to see our steady progress reflected on the Common Sense Advisory list of TOP 100 Language Service Providers. While we do not really focus on such lists, we do interpret this as a confirmation that we seem to be doing many things right. Of course, we know that buyers of translation services at large, multinational corporations need a Language Service Provider that has the necessary infrastructure to support their global translation needs. It’s reasonable some of these buyers likely do take such ratings into consideration when selecting a new LSP. I want to extend a big ‘Thank you’ to the NLG staff that makes this happen, to our clients for their trust, and of course to our suppliers as well.”

For the clients of NLG a TOP 100 listing means that they have selected:

  •  a steady partner with a record of past success and strong future prospects, an LSP knowledgeable in addressing the challenges of global corporations, and
  •  a team that has extensive experience with the specific challenges of global documentation / translation departments, especially in terms of workload, delivery attainment and cost control.

“Our strong focus on specific industries and content types makes NLG a specialist for our clients. When you add the fact that we do go the extra mile for our clients, you have a great value-for-money package. We believe this is the key to our steady success which is reflected in our growth over the last years”, continues Michael Oettli.


For further information, please contact NLG.

The full report “The Language Services Market: 2015” by Common Sense Advisory is available as part of the firm’s research membership.


About NLG

NLG is a respected full-service provider of translation & localization services supporting well-known companies in the following areas: life sciences, automotive, engineering and power generation. Its clients benefit from 15 years of experience with translation & localization, workflow management, process design and development of applications.

About Common Sense Advisory

Common Sense Advisory is an independent market research company helping companies profitably grow their international businesses and gain access to new markets and new customers. Its focus is on assisting its clients to operationalize, benchmark, optimize, and innovate industry best practices in translation, localization, interpreting, globalization, and internationalization. For more information, visit: or