NLG Case Studies

Case Study 01 – Enhancement of a Global Localization System

Industry: Life Sciences

Services Provided: TM Management , Quality Management , Content Development , Custom Technology


NLG collaborates with the Technical Publication group of a market leader in life sciences, diagnostics and applied chemicals. The client was looking to optimize their Technical Publication system with streamlined processes and cutting-edge technology, implemented within a common global environment.


The client desired to structure their international localization processes to take advantage of their existing content management system, benefit globally from translation reuse, establish useful validated terminology, and integrate an efficient translation review into an automated workflow. Their single source authoring and publishing strategy, and use of a variety of authoring systems introduced new challenges to localization processes. They also had numerous stakeholders around the world, serving in different functions. Client employees, sub-contractors, and suppliers all worked on the same project(s) with communication and collaboration being a key for project success.

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