NLG Case Studies

Case Study 04 – Process Optimization

Client: German Truck and Bus Manufacturer  |  Industry: Automotive  |  Location: Germany

Services Provided: Localization , Custom Technology


NLG is a preferred contract solutions provider for a large, German truck and bus manufacturer. Upon beginning the relationship we conducted analysis of our client’s existing processes and workflows. Over the last 2 years NLG has implemented process optimizations resulting in substantial efficiency gains while significantly reducing costs.


  • Client’s bus owner manuals are created in Quicksilver (QS) format. The client had implemented a TMS which could not process the QS files. Transitioning the manuals to a different format, compatible with their TMS, was not practical from either a timing or financial perspective.
  • Truck owner manuals are written in XML using Arbortext Epic Editor. The client’s internal Arbortext landscape could not print PDF’s for right to left and Asian languages. They were operating under a very time consuming and expensive workflow from the previous vendor, re-creating the manuals for these languages in InDesign.

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