LIVE WEBINAR | The Future of LSP Work: Welcoming Change Instead of Wincing at It

May 8, 2020  |  NLG News

The Future of LSP Work: Welcoming Change Instead of Wincing at It

NLG is excited to participate in the GALA Webinar Series by hosting a live webinar on Thursday, 14th of May 2020. We are going to discuss the challenging Future of LSP Work, share our experiences on the “new normal” and provide a roadmap for how to successfully respond to the industry shift.

The localization industry is undergoing a fundamental shift resulting from the introduction of new technology, automation and AI, new regulations and standards, as well as the increasing complexity of localization projects, all of which is usually tightly connected with constantly changing client needs. Putting technology front and center is key towards ensuring business continuity, but is this enough? Research shows that despite all the talk about technology, a considerable percentage of tech-related initiatives do not yield the expected benefits.

Nikos Chatzipanagiotou, NLG’s Director of Operations, talks about the new ingredients that should be added to the formula, providing a roadmap for how to help your organization get there. Coupling all that dazzling technology with the right processes, the right people with the right skills, working on the right projects is all the more imperative.

About GALA Webinar Series

The GALA weekly webinar series gives translation and localization professionals a platform to share lessons learned and best practices from across the industry. Webinar topics are wide-ranging—from software localization to language technologies, from transcreation to globalization strategies—and are often directed at a specific audience segment such as language service providers (LSPs) or globalization teams in multinational organizations.

A recording of the session will be made available online after the webinar is over.

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Thursday, 14 May, 2020 | Webinar Start Time: 11:00 EDT (17:00 CEST)

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