New EU Medical Devices and in-vitro Diagnostics Regulations

May 20, 2019  |  NLG News

Is your localization process compliant with the new MDR and IVDR?

An effective regulatory strategy to comply with the new MDR and IVDR requirements includes a content translation, review and DTP process that provides lucidity and accuracy in all languages from the beginning. Guidance from a language service provider with strong experience in medical devices will be instrumental in planning and executing localization related activities and tasks successfully, avoiding bottlenecks and pitfalls. NLG is fully prepared to act as your Life Sciences compliance partner.

We invite you to discover how our team can assist achieve linguistic compliance under the new MDR and IVDR in all official EU languages.

We have a solid background on medical devices translations and can help you address the challenges of the DTP in line with the new UDI labeling requirements.

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