NLG at 5th Semi-Annual Medical Device Labeling & Packaging Conference

September 8, 2016  |  NLG News

PR for 5th Semi-Annual Medical Device Labeling & Packaging Conference

(Hallbergmoos, Germany ) – NLG is proud to announce its Gold Sponsorship of the 5th Semi-Annual Medical Device Labeling & Packaging Conference taking place Sept. 29-30, 2016 in Phoenix, AZ (USA).

At the event, organized by Q1 Productions, 45 speakers from FDA, industry, academia, standards committees, and healthcare practice will deliver insight on the most recent trends in optimizing medical technology labeling & packaging through 40 unique sessions over 2 days. In addition to the high level learning experience, participants will benefit from extensive networking platforms, and peer-to-peer education throughout the programs.

These unique educational and networking opportunities were compelling reasons for NLG to participate and provide support for this event.

“At NLG, our mission is to offer our clients much more than ‘just’ translations”, says Michael Oettli, founder and Managing Director of NLG. “We have seen time and again, during our 16 years of offering high level language services in the medical industry, that executives in the Packaging, Labeling, Quality and Regulatory Affairs arenas need to be able to rely on their translation agency for guidance and consultation beyond just translations. There continue to be many opportunities for process optimization, making the work of all involved stakeholders a lot easier. We believe this conference gives us a chance to share some of our valuable insights and help make a difference.”

As part of its Gold Sponsorship, NLG will have two speaking engagements at the conference:

On day 1 at 3:00 p.m., Mrs. Tamaki Asada, Representative Director of NLG Japan, will inform the audience on the Japanese market with:

“Japanese healthcare labeling: meeting cultural & regulatory expectations by localizing translations”.

Participants will learn useful tips on:

  • why the cultural gap makes “perfect” localization of your translation necessary,
  • regulatory limitations in expressions used in written documents,
  • and how not to lose global control of the localization process involving Japan.

On day 2 at 10:30 a.m., Michael Oettli, Managing Director of NLG, will moderate a break-out session “Efficiently managing translated labels in-country review process”, sharing valuable insights of what we have learned over the years about efficiently managing in-country review, in this case for translated labels, which can be a critical bottleneck for global medical companies.


If you are an interested professional from a medical device or diagnostic company, you can register for the conference here:

You can also connect with peers from other medical companies in the LinkedIn group for this event:

If you would like to arrange a meeting with the NLG team at the 5th Semi-Annual Medical Device Labeling & Packaging Conference, please contact Michael Parrish:

Participants may also visit NLG at our booth in the exhibition area, in-between the sessions and during scheduled breaks.